Company Profile

HYDRAUMET is an innovative and multidisciplinary engineering services company that develops a wide range of studies and expertise .

Areas of expertise

Climate and related

HYDRAUMET is a leader in climate studies in Morocco.

Hydrology, hydrogeology, maritime and coastal hydrodynamics

HYDRAUMET has a wide experience in hydrology, which it has developed over more than 2 decades
through several academic and engineering projects.


Due to its geographical location and geophysical and climatic conditions, Morocco faces a multitude
of natural disaster risks

Works and

HYDRAUMET has accumulated some 20 years of expertise in the field of flood protection
infrastructure and watercourses development.

Environment and sustainable development

Faced with increasing regulatory requirements underpinned by a global awareness of environmental
issues, HYDRAUMET has developed a cutting-edge expertise in environmental engineering.

Data gathering
and processing

Data is the starting point of any engineering project.

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