Compliance with best practices

HYDRAUMET accepts to fulfill its missions only within the limits of its competence build up by its knowledge and experience. In addition, the Company usually works with colleagues or partners in accordance with the law and good practices set by the rules of the art.

HYDRAUMET is responsible for the management and execution of its duty, while taking into account the legitimate interests of its customers in compliance with the Rules of Art of its profession.

Independence and Responsibility

HYDRAUMET is an independent company. We are responsible for the organization we set up to carry out the mission entrusted to us and those of all the collaborators for whom we do our best to define, monitor and control the tasks.

HYDRAUMET shall take, without delay, the emergency measures required by the circumstances, where an unforeseen problem requires immediate action and shall notify its client as soon as possible of the final measures to be taken.

HYDRAUMET is committed to produce the best result, at the best cost, under the best conditions and within the time allowed.

HYDRAUMET is consciously bound by any professional commitment to confidentiality which it has freely accepted.

Relationship with Project Owners, Clients and the Public

Project owners, customers and the public expect that operations conducted with Consulting Engineers will be treated in an ethical manner, with courtesy, impartiality, honesty and professionalism. In order to ensure that the quality of service remains high, HYDRAUMET strives to demonstrate a high level of honesty, impartiality, morality and conduct, in order to properly carry out the activities of its missions and to maintain the trust of the Public or Private Client.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

All employees of HYDRAUMET have the right and obligation to ensure that their activities are carried out in the best health and safety conditions, free from discrimination and harassment, and in a healthy and fair environment.

HYDRAUMET works in strict compliance with national labour legislation. Its employees must be able to carry out the functions entrusted to them, in a healthy and safe environment, which has a direct effect on the overall impression of professionalism that emerges from the Engineering Profession.

In particular, HYDRAUMET takes seriously its responsibility with regard to safety issues in the workplace and deals diligently with any health or safety problems that arise or any violation of the rules in force in this field, particularly in the pandemic situation.

Gender approach

HYDRAUMET works to anchor the principles of gender equality within the company. This commitment is consistent with the political, social and economic reforms underway in Morocco aimed at establishing the principle of equality and equity and making it a practical and effective reality.

Within HYDRAUMET, the equitable representation of women in jobs and positions of responsibility is central to the company’s development projects.


Within HYDRAUMET, we believe that the ability to innovate is not only necessary to maintain competitive advantage but also to sustain continuous growth.

In this way, we are part of a continuous process of innovation and constant search for improvement and progress.

This innovation process requires, in particular, the adoption of better knowledge and technology transfer tools.

Every day, our employees strive to create and innovate to develop greener, more efficient and easy to integrate solutions in our customers’ environment.

Sustainable Development

HYDRAUMET respects the environment and avoids waste, it integrates sustainable development in its professional conduct and in its projects.

HYDRAUMET is committed to protecting the environment by sustainably reducing the impact of its activities on natural resources and biodiversity and promoting “eco-attitudes” among its employees.

HYDRAUMET is committed to supporting its customers in the development of environmentally friendly solutions.

HYDRAUMET is committed to encouraging its employees to actively participate in responsible innovation.

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