Natural hazards

Due to its geographical location and geophysical and climatic conditions, Morocco faces a multitude of natural disaster risks, more and more recurrent and tend to increase under the combined effect of climate change and land use change. These risks often have an excessive economic and social cost, affecting vulnerable populations and territories.

This situation is not specific to Morocco and several countries in the world are in similar situation.

HYDRAUMET, deeply aware of the contribution of the proactive approach to natural risk management, has for several years addressed this topic from the perspective of development engineering. Thus, HYDRAUMET has contributed and continues to do so, in innovative projects aimed at strengthening the resilience of territories to natural hazards.

  • Floods and floods

  • Flood investigation, reconstruction of events

    Establishment of hazard and vulnerability maps

  • Drought

  • Statistical characterization
    Modelling, indicators and mapping
    >Establishment of drought management plans

  • Other natural hazards

  • Landslide
    Marine submersion and tsunamis
    Forest fires

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