Data gathering and processing

Data is the starting point of any engineering project. Its quality conditions both the effectiveness and relevance of the decision taken, and the cost of the solution resulting from this decision.

Aware of the importance of information in engineering, HYDRAUMET has developed know-how and excellence in measurement, observation, acquisition and processing of data.

Having supported many public and private customers in carrying out suitable measurement campaigns, HYDRAUMET has continuously built up expertise throughout the measurement and observation chain in various fields of application: water resources, environmental nuisances, renewable energies, civil engineering, etc.

  • Carrying out water measurement campaigns:

  • Hydrometry of rivers and lakes,
    Piezometric and water quality measurements.
    Monitoring of dams

  • Climatological measurements: One-off or continuous measurements of meteorological parameters such as wind, ambient temperature, sun duration, etc.

  • Various measures:

  • Noise survey
    Electromagnetic field survey
    Processing of environmental and related data
    Analysis of recording diagrams

  • Organization and compilation of environmental data:

  • Data control;

    Incorporation into databases and information systems

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