Environment and sustainable development

Faced with increasing regulatory requirements underpinned by a global awareness of environmental issues, HYDRAUMET has developed a cutting-edge expertise in environmental engineering.

As such, HYDRAUMET is a partner of choice to comply with national legislation and donor performance standards. The HYDRAUMET approach combines environmental performance, economic development and social well-being. This approach is implemented with a permanent concern for consultation with local actors for an integrated management of the territories..

HYDRAUMET supports its public and private customers both for environmental support upstream of projects (environmental notices, environmental and social impact studies, modeling of risks and ecosystems, vulnerability studies, etc.) and for the optimal sizing of environmental protection measures and pollution control (eco-design, site rehabilitation, risk management, circular economy, etc.).

HYDRAUMET also carries out various sectoral studies in areas such as the economy of territories, legal and financial aspects related to sustainable development projects, planning, etc.

  • Environmental assessments

  • Environmental impact studies of urban, industrial, agricultural and infrastructure projects according to national regulations
    Environmental impact studies in accordance with donor rules: IFC, AfDB, AFD standards, etc.
    Strategic environmental assessment
    Environmental audit
    Specific environmental studies

  • Study of risks, environmental quality and biodiversity

  • Modeling of atmospheric dispersion, Evaluation of air quality
    Modeling of water pollution
    Technological risks: Hazard studies
    Soil resources: Water and wind erosion studies
    Fauna and flora assessment

  • General studies

  • Socioeconomic studies
    Territorial development plan studies
    General studies

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