Climate and related areas

HYDRAUMET is a leader in climate studies in Morocco.

HYDRAUMET has contributed to several projects supported by international organizations (World Bank, FAO, UNDP, GTZ, AFD, etc.) and national departments (Agriculture, Environment, Tourism, Forestry, etc.): Climate Change Adaptation Project in Morocco for Resilient Oasis, Climate Change Adaptation Project Development Strategy Oum Er Rbia Basin, integration of climate variability and change into national strategies for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean, evaluation of the Initial National Communication of Morocco to the UNFCCC, technical review of the draft manual “Guidance on the Development of Climate Scenarios in the Framework of National Communications of the NAI Parties to the UNFCCC” on behalf of the “NCSP National Communications Support Programme”, co-coordinator of the study on Morocco’s vulnerability to climate change was carried out for the Ministry of the Environment in the framework of the second national communication, etc..

The expertise developed in sectoral meteorology, climate change, and related issues places HYDRAUMET at the forefront of expertise in these areas.


Collection and processing of climatological data
Establishment of climatological studies

Climate Change and Related Areas

  • Modelling of climate projections
  • Development of climate scenarios and projections

  • Vulnerability and Adaptation (V&A)
  • Study on the vulnerability of natural and human systems to climate change
    Study and choice of adaptation options
    Setting up of territorial adaptation projects

  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Identification of CDM activities
    Mounting the PIN Information Notes
    Mounting the PDD Design Documents

    Meteorology and sectoral applications

    Agricultural meteorology (Agrometeorology) and related activities
    Marine Meteorology
    Assessment of wind and solar potential

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