Company Profile

HYDRAUMET is an innovative and multidisciplinary engineering services company that develops a wide range of studies and expertise: scoping studies and data collection, site assessment, general monographs, sectoral and specific research, preliminary and implementation projects, training and assistance, technical advice, subcontracting, project management, etc.

Established in 1999, HYDRAUMET has three areas of activity:

  • Climate – Meteorology and related and applied fields
  • Hydrology, water resources and sectoral hydraulics
  • Environment, natural resources and sustainable development

It offers a comprehensive service package including consulting engineering, capacity building, technical assistance, research and development.

The World is constantly evolving and with it new challenges arise and new needs emerge. To follow these changes, HYDRAUMET ensures a technological watch and constantly adjusts its services according to the needs of its customers in a Morocco in perpetual dynamism.

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