Works and infrastructure

HYDRAUMET has accumulated some 20 years of expertise in the field of flood protection infrastructure and watercourses development.

HYDRAUMET is also active in the field of urban water infrastructure, including drinking water supply, wastewater and stormwater treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse.

In the field of rural and agricultural hydraulics, HYDRAUMET has carried out several sizing projects for stormwater and flood water collection and recovery projects, including small-size dams and reservoirs. Similarly, HYDRAUMET has carried out several projects for hydro-agricultural structures such as canals, pumping stations, irrigation systems, drilling, etc.

HYDRAUMET has carried out several technical assistance, management and follow-up projects, which it has carried out with professionalism and efficiency, in compliance with the quality, health, safety and environment rules.

  • Urban hydraulics

  • Design study of drainage and sewerage systems
    Study of drinking water supply
    Study of desalination or brackish waters demineralisation plants
    Design study of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants
    Wastewater Treatment Reuse System

  • River Hydraulics and Watershed Management

  • Study of water-course development, containment, regulation, re-wiring, crossing structures, etc.
    Flood protection studies
    Studies on catchment areas

  • Agricultural and rural hydraulics

  • Study of hydro-agricultural developments.
    Studies of irrigation networks
    Reservoirs and dams
    Stormwater collection works

  • Marine hydraulics

  • Port structures.
    Coastal protection structures

  • Technical assistance and monitoring of work. Project management, supervision, coordination and steering

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