Hydrology, hydrogeology, maritime and coastal hydrodynamics

HYDRAUMET has a wide experience in hydrology, which it has developed over more than 2 decades through several academic and engineering projects.

The competences of HYDRAUMET are not limited to conventional operational hydrology, they cover the fullness of the water cycle including its atmospheric (hydrometeorology), surface and hydrogeology branches.

HYDRAUMET has thus carried out several hydrological and hydrogeological expertises of various areas and purposes. The missions involved include data collection and processing, spatial and temporal analysis, hydrological modelling and flood prediction.

HYDRAUMET has also developed know-how in coastal, estuarine and maritime hydrodynamics, through various projects: pollution, sedimentology, coastal infrastructure, etc.

  • Hydrological studies

  • Collection and processing of hydrological data
    Studies of floods and low flows
    Surface water modelling

  • Hydrogeological studies

  • Hydrogeological surveys and prospection
    Study of aquifers
    Groundwater Modelling

  • Marine and coastal hydrodynamic studies

  • Studies of swells and tides
    Marine hydrodynamics modelling
    Sedimentological studies

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